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Accepted Solution site Down??

Got a new router on Friday. Had to wait 48 hours to get the PPPoE username and password. Finally got it today and when I went to put it in on the site. The site is down!! Just my luck it's been working all week now when I finally have the username and password I can't access the site. So still no Internet. Telkom please advise when the site will be back up again ?
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Re: site Down??

@Tayla is not a website, it is the config page on your router. It is not a public website. If you cannot access it, it is because there is a connection problem between your PC and Router. Make sure the cable is in correctly, make sure your PC gets an IP address from the router. Maybe reset the router and start from fresh. But this is not something that Telkom fixes

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Re: site Down??



Make sure you use a network cable for 1st setup. This will eliminate any connection issues.



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Re: site Down??

I understand now. Thank you guys. I think maybe I didn't have my wifi on because I've been using my mobile phone for the setup.
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Re: site Down??

First check the network cable , you could also reset the modem as well to make sure its on default settings

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