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10 Meg Fibre not even running on 3

I am so tired of paying for a service that does not exist. Is there any one else that is having issues with there Fibre. I was told to upgrade to Fibre as it will be more stable. We'll I need to phone continuously for telkom to reset my Fibre, it runs to 10 min fine and them we back to square one. This is so frustrating.
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Re: 10 Meg Fibre not even running on 3

Hi @JuliePie,


I migrated from adsl to fibre and had similar issues after a speed upgrade, horribly frustratiing repeating the story over and over for 10210 to reset / re-activate, only to find internet AWOL again the next day.


Mine was fixed after I found help in other community threads - I eventually emailed details with my fault ref. to support@telkom.co.za .

My connection & speed has been stable for + 2 mths now, so if you’re still not sorted that’s worth a try -also post the same details on one of the media support channels :

Facebook: TelkomZA
Twitter:   @telkomza


Oh, and Telkom accounts also credited my next statement for the downtime.

Hope you’re fixed up soon.

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