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10Mbps Telkom Home Unlimited uncapped deal

Good Day


I applicabed for home unlimited uncapped deal on 20 January 2018. The telkom centre informed that we will get a call within 7-14 days for installation, however that never happened.


I received a call on 6 March 2018, infoming me that the Technicial will come on the 8th of March 2018. That never happened, the technician did not come, nor call or anything.


On 3 April 2018, I called the sales division and they informed me that the technicial would come the following day (04 april) or thursday (05 april) and I have not heard any word from the technician. The sales division gave me the contact details for the technician, I have called the technicial over 10 times, the technician is not picking up his cell phone, nor returning any of the call.


Order Number: 188132116A.

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Re: 10Mbps Telkom Home Unlimited uncapped deal

Hi @vgsobekwa


Sorry to hear you’ve been waiting so long for installation - horribly frustrating without decent feedback.


The forum is not manned by Telkom service agents so we will rather redirect you to the relevant Telkom support channels . More info here from Telkom community manager: 



If the technician still hasn’t turned up, post your order details with ref & dates on a Telkom social media channel - they’re most effective for rapid response and problems resolved satisfactorily in good time.


* Facebook: TelkomZA

* Twitter:   @HelloTelkom


And email the same details to support@telkom.co.za ( my issues were fixed after that )


Good luck, hope this helps.

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Re: 10Mbps Telkom Home Unlimited uncapped deal

we aplied for 10mbs uncapped line and we paid the R700 and we got a installation date but then no one came to do the installation so i phoned telkom and they set up a new date but again no one came to do the installation i posted on the facebook page and tried phoning telkom again but i dont get through 

if only i can have the nr of the tecnition so i can phone him direct or if someone can contact me on 0796109840 and asure me on a date and stick to it


instalation nr. 190037584

order nr. 190037530A

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Re: 10Mbps Telkom Home Unlimited uncapped deal

im sitting with the same problem and im not getting any feedback do you have any advice to give me 

maybe another nr to call or something

ive even tried posting on telkoms facebook but still nothing


my order nr is190037530A

installation nr is190037584

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Re: 10Mbps Telkom Home Unlimited uncapped deal

Good day


We applied for the 10mbs uncapped line with the tv box and line rental included

We payed the R700 and got a installation date but no one came to do the installation

After that I phone Telkom and they gave me a new installation date but again no one came to do the installation

I posted on telkom’s facebook page but no one came back to me

I need the line installed as soon as possible or advice on getting my R700 refunded then I will have to go to another service provider


Our order nr. 190037530A

Installation nr. 190037584


Please advise

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Re: 10Mbps Telkom Home Unlimited uncapped deal

Dear Telkom


I was called by one of your sales consultants on the 24th of June 2020 about a promotion of upgrading my 50 SmartBroadBand wireless to Home unlimited 10Mbps (Ref 246780334A). I was adviced that there will be a cancellation on my wireless device as soon as I have my fibre and I was happy with it. Fast forward, I waited for 7 to 14 working days and still nothing. Called 10213 countless times until today, I logged on my Telkom App and it qoutes "SAD TO SEE YOU GO ( Service ID TIN3595817) ". I called the customer service to ask what is happening and I was told that The technician DID NOT FIND YOUR PLACE so he cancelled my installation. WHAT IS THAT?????? I am very angry with you telkom for lack of communication with your customer...... How do you show up at someone's place without them Knowing that you will be coming??? NOOOOOOOO man, this is not how you deal with your customers. I AM GOING TO MAKE A NOISE ABOUT THIS UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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