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3 Months And Counting

I think I've gotten to a point where I've officially lost all hope for Telkom

About 3 months ago I applied for an LTE package via the Telkom website(20GB+20GB with an LTE router) knowing very well that Telkom's technicians take forever to connect ADSL lines. I got contacted by someone from the help desk about 3 days later but she said that her system froze up on her as we were completing my application and that she'll have to call me back the next day(didn't know that Telkom computers take a full day to reboot, but anyways) and I said it's fine.

2 weeks passed and no phone call. Then I went to the Sandton City store but it was under renovations. Fortunately Telkom setup a pop-up store to assist customers and I though that would be cool to apply there. They recommend that I fill in the forms and mail them to the guy who was managing the area.

Another 3 weeks passed and there was nothing. A week later, the guy calls me telling that my application is current being processed(yet again, a month to process an application) and he apologizes as they are an external company that was brought in to manage the pop-up store(but aren't their system intergrated with Telkom systems?).

I eventually gave up all together and thought I'd try my luck applying for a data only deal about a week ago from their website, yet again - NOTHING happened.

I'd honestly like to know what processes Telkom uses cause these are just pure genius

And then the cherry on top - I am currently up for an upgrade on my contract but, honesty AND seriously, the deals that I'm being offered are waaaaaaaaay less than what I'm currently. But I've made my peace, prepaid it is then
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Re: 3 Months And Counting

Thanks guys for replying back but due to the manner in which my application process has been handled, I decided to bail out on the applications as a whole. I've been waiting for 3 months for someone to contact me regarding my application and when I eventually get someone to call me, they tell me that I must the process from scratch.


Honestly, this is a major inconvinience and i can't go through this 5 times before an application is processed(both store AND online). It's a major inconvinience and an annoyance really


Thanks again for finally contacting me

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Re: 3 Months And Counting

It seems like you were writing exactly what I've been feeling and going through.  I applied through a Telkom shop in Greenstone in September - was told there is no stock anywhere in the country.  The one lady said my application was approved, the other told me it's still in process. I applied on the internet and someone called me the next day - till now though, I haven't heard anything from anyone and I don't even know who to call to find out what's happening. I've been on the line for 15 minutes now with no contact.  


What did you do to get a response?

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Re: 3 Months And Counting

I didn't get a response actually. I did, however, get a call back moments ago but they wanted me to restart my application and that just put me off completely.


They did say that doing it in the store might be the best solution but I gave up entirely on trying to get a package

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