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3 Weeks and still no internet

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We have recently installed a new ADSL line at home. From day one there was a problem - no internet. I have been on the phone with support literally every day since then. Still no internet, somehow no one can help me??? The modem is working fine (I even tried 4 other modems, but all with the same issue), my line is syncing 100% according to Telkom, all lights are green and as it should be, but still no internet. And every time I call, they have a different reason for it not working. Eventually was told that contractors damaged some cabling and that they are busy with the repairs. The next day I'm told that no one was sent out to fix the damages as yet. Then I am given a date they will be finished with repairs. That day came and went and still no internet. One of the consultants even told me that shouldn't be hopeful that it will be repaired soon. Can no one help me? I am just being transferred to a different department with a different excuse. So here I am, brand new client, haven't received even a little bit of service for 3 weeks now, and to top it off, I just received an invoice. Check your call logs Telkom, I have been calling you every day for the last 3 weeks, FIX THE PROBLEM! 

Reference number: 225CRK271017

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Re: 3 Weeks and still no internet

Hi @IgnatMare,


So frustrating when you can’t get reliable info.


Did Telkom install your adsl on a brand new contract with their router ?


The community can’t help re service faults , but you might find it useful to visit a Telkom shop and post details with your fault ref on one of their media channels.  I understand they usually respond quite quickly.


Facebook: TelkomZA
Twitter:   @telkomza


PS    Would also call accounts on 10210 re the invoice if you’ve been charged for internet - they normally reverse charges for downtime.

Good luck 

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