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4Meg Line speed drops every 2 weeks

My 4 Meg (actual test speed 3.14Meg) works fine for 2 weeks, then it drops speed to 2.14 Meg?


I log a call with telkom to reset the port, then the ADSL works fine at 3.14Meg for 2 weeks, just to drop again....


How can this issue be solved?Smiley Sad

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Re: 4Meg Line speed drops every 2 weeks

Hi @wynies,


Fast ADSL on a slow line can cause intermittent connectivity . My sync no faster than  1.7 on old adsl 4 meg line & problems disappeared when  I migrated to fibre , but if that's not an option there are a couple of things you can try to check if your copper line's the problem .


When your line is synchronising at lower speeds than it should, or if you’re experiencing intermittent drops in connectivity, one place to start is your DSL connection statistics - you can find them by logging into your ADSL router (look for wording such as signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and line attenuation - sometimes referred to as resistance).

The higher the SNR the better, and the lower the attenuation the better.


• SNR should be at least 6dB, but preferably higher than 9 or 10dB.
• Attenuation/resistance should be below 55dB, but preferably lower than 45dB


If attenuation's too high then report a fault to get the line checked by a technician.

Hope this helps.




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Re: 4Meg Line speed drops every 2 weeks

Hi Kathy1


Thank you for the reply Smiley Very Happy


Info on my ADSL Router:


SNR  Downstream   13.0dB

SNR  Upstream         16.0dB


Line Att  Downstream   62.0dB

Line Att  Upstream      31.5dB



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Re: 4Meg Line speed drops every 2 weeks

Hi @wynies,


You're welcome - thanks for feedback - I'm learning from this too!


Your line attn doesn't look good, it could be due to distance from the exchange or old copper line quality. I understand this can cause the connection drops you describe , so next step is to report a fault to get your line checked by a technician.


The community can't help with service / faults ( we're customers like you) , but you can report the fault online    https://apps.telkom.co.za/assurance/public/logafault  


Hope this helps, good luck.        ( please accept as solution if this works for you - may help others with the same issues )

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