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ADSL Cancelled but getting billed



I applied online for the special that was running at the time (I applied on the 19th of September 2018). The special was for 4mbps, uncapped for R605pm for 24 months. I did the application, which was successful, I payed the R700.00 which was requested. When the line was supposed to be installed, the technician who came said there was LTE for my area at a similar price, and thus I should rather go with that as my area was having the copper lines stollen. I agreed. The line was cancelled, however I could not get the LTE because my area did not have LTE (it was coming soon) and the price difference was 50% (@R899) of what I was planning to pay. All this is except that:

1. I get invoices that say I owe monies with the latest invoice being o the 10th of November 2018, R393.92.

2. I cannot remove myself the billing so that I don't get charged (I dont have anything from telkom other than the invoices!).

3. I would like a refund of the deposit R700.00. I would like to cancel/be reomved from billing so that I can redo the application from a store and not online.

4. I have raised this issue a few times now (I have five reference sms's stating that the issue has been raised). There has been no resolution to the issue, nor any follow up of any of the sms's and everytime I enquire it seems like a new issue is opened (with the five sms's). I have called Telkom and hld the phone for over an hour on at least three occassions! I need assistance with the issue and would like to resolve it before the end of this year!


My latest reference sms is: 26110388.


Thanks and Regards,


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