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ADSL Contract Cancellation

After being unable to assist with moving my ADSL line, or upgrading my contract to a fibre package, I had no other choice but to cancel my contract with Telkom as they could no longer provide me with the services I needed. 


After confirming the correct procedure on numerous occasions with various different consultants, I submitted my cancellation request online (as per their instructions) This was 01 July 2018 - case no. 23810251 & 23869660. 19 days later, I received written confirmation from Telkom stating that my request had been processed and resolved. 


After a precautionery call to Telkom some days thereafter, I was told that my cancellation would only be processed 30 days after this confirmation from Telkom - i.e. even though I had given my 'notice to cancel' Telkom would still take another 30 before my contract was officially ended. 

It is now the end of September and I am still being billed for my cancelled contract - or rather, what I thought was cancelled. Telkom has recently informed me that the contract has not been cancelled but is instead suspended due to non-payment from me. Also, the order I attempted to make regarding a fibre package is still reflecting, therefore making Telkom 'unable' to cancel my contract - even though I requested the cancellation of that order far prior to trying to cancel my contract! Thus, I am not only still being billed, but the request I made was not actually ever processed at all! 


Every call or online chat made with a consultant regarding this has proved fruitless, as although I am given names and references - 'proof' that work is being done - upon following up, all prior progress made is erased from the system, forcing me to start again! 


I would really appreciate some clarity on this issue, even if it means some poor unfortunate soul has suffered what I have - I need clarity on this! 

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Re: ADSL Contract Cancellation

Hi @Rella1997


Sorry to see what’s happening to you . Beyond frustrating, especially when your adsl cancellation was confirmed in July . 


We’re customers in the forum and Telkom won’t see your post here,  but you should message an urgent complaint to a Telkom media team (below) and email a copy to support@telkom.co.za for decent feedback and results.  Include your contract details, all your cancellation related refs & dates, and details of the disputed charges. 


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


According to Telkom’s website your final bill should be 60 days after the online cancellation date, which you mentioned was 1 July, They usually adjust any incorrect charges on the ‘final’  bill.


Then if you receive no acceptable response, you could submit a complaint to ICASA :- 



Good luck, please let us know what happens.

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