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ADSL Line intermittent and not syncing at required speed

My ADSL line has been intermittent for the last 6 months. Connection keeps dropping every few minutes and when this occurs the sync speed also drops.  Technician came out this morning and tells me that this is due to the underground cables in my area and that they need to be changed. 


If this is the case how and when can i expect telkom to change these cables? 



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Re: ADSL Line intermittent and not syncing at required speed

I am new to the community and decided to join the community to view and see and read all other peeps out there who are also experiencing issues/problems with their DSL connections?


I have a 4Mb home uncapped DSL service with Telkom and I have been experiencing similar problems? I had a technician out recently, he spent around 1 1/2 hours according to my landlord to solve the issue of intermittent internet and speed? I had to call the technical deptartment last night after 9pm as my speed drops to below 1Mb and I have speed tests to prove this? After switching off my router and getting confirmation from the technician ( all is good on his side) I did a speed test and got more than 3,5Mb speed which i was very happy to see, alas, only to loose that speed almost immediately and had to do another speed test, which once again revealved less than 0,5Mb speed ! I am frustrated as during the day, I am at work, my DSL does not get used, but come home and have to experience very low speed or no speed at all ( especially after 9pm) is wanting me to just call it a day and wait for Fiber in my hood, this DSL service is really killing me? What do I do???

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