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ADSL Line is suspended for no reason

Hi Guys


My ADSL is suspended for last 1 week for no reason. I have been trying different channels, facebook, twitter, email, phone, store. I obviously get different stories

- I never had any line

- My line is fine, issue is with ISP

- My line is suspended, account is fine. So Am I sure I didn't request it?

- They can't see any line with my acocunt?


Then I speak to Mweb, and they confirmed that my line is in suspended status. According to them its a matter of one phone call to fix it. But its not happening for me. Any help please???


Money lost in last 2 weeks:  on phone calls (300 bucks) + 1200 3g (I have business running on internet) + 360 (mweb bill I still have to pay)


Smiley Sad



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