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ADSL Problem - Lines stolen

Our Internet is off since the 16th. Apparently cables have been stolen. 

I have phoned in every single day, they cannot tell me when this will be resolved or when the technicians will be send out. They just keep repeating there is no turn around time. 

I spoke to a lady on the 19th who said that we must go to an telkom store to get a data intergrated sim card with pre-loaded data. The simcard is still not activated after being at the store and phoning in numerous times. They also provide us with only 1 gb of daa on this simcard even though we are paying for uncapped services. On the 23rd I spoke to another guy who said that someone will phone me back to have my uncapped data transfered to my simcard so that we still have services available. Till now no-one has phoned. I spoke to another lady on the 27th who told me that this can't be done and that we need to either buy our own data or we need to upgrade services which will take another 3 - 4 months for them to install. Yesterday I spoke to another gentleman and requested someone to phone me back as everyone is telling me something else and no one really knows whats going on. Till now, now call.. Please advise what I am to do? We got internet services for both working and private use and at this stage we cannot do anything.

Any assistance or advise will be appreciated.

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