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ADSL Problems - Slow Speed

Please help me????? I have been with Telkom for more that 6 years. 

Started off with a 4meg ADSL line that could not reach 1.6megs. 

For the last six years, i have reported and requested numerous times for repairs, port resets and other assistances. 

What can I do or to whom can I speak to resolve my ADSL speed?


Currently, it shows 4094kb download sync speed on my router but syncs only at 1.8meg.

I have to ask for a port reset on a daily basis just to send out mail.......


Must mention that every technician who ever came to my house sais the same thing - there is nothing we can do, your house sit in a bad place, far from the exchange (less than 3km) and also Telkom have been upgrading cables and their connection boxes everywhere in Secunda except the one that my house us connected to???


Current Speed test results on a 4meg line:

Download: 544kbps

Upload: 384kbps

Latency: 66ms

Jitter: 14ms


Hope someone somewhere can help - I can't take it anymore



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Re: ADSL Problems - Slow Speed

mxm sounds frustrating.

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Re: ADSL Problems - Slow Speed

Whats you ping in ms?


mine is a 12MB line but speed is 9.6Mbs so expect 30 percent less that sync speed

Packets Lost: None
Latency: 231.396ms

Have you tried taking your modem to another site with ADSL and checking if it's the modem?





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Re: ADSL Problems - Slow Speed

@QLab, there are just places where the lines are not great. I myself am in a similar situation where the fastest I can get is 4mbps and as winter hits, the line starts getting unstable. Fortunately for me, Telkom Openserve are installing fibre in front of my house as we speak.


Why not check Telkom's coverage map. perhaps you may be better served by switching to LTE if you are covered?

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