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ADSL Speed in Edenvale moving in the wrong direction!

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Why is it that our ADSL is so backwards in Edenvale?


After weeks of trying to get Telkom to sort out their infrastructure I had to accept defeat and and make peace with the fact that they had to drop my sync speed – AGAIN. Few years back it was stable at 6Mbps, then 4 and now 2.5!


Every time I get told that its because I live so far from the exchange, I sincerely hope they would stop moving the exchange further away from me now because I really cant afford another drop in speed.


So while the rest of the world and presumably the country gets speed increases we in Edenvale avenues seem to be going the other way, and frankly that’s just pathetic!


What happened to the VDSL roll outs? Come on Telkom get your act together.




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Re: ADSL Speed in Edenvale moving in the wrong direction!

@MariusS VDSL relies on short lines of decent quality. For a 20Mb ine about 1.2km's and for 40mb about <800m.


your bet is to wait for fibre, go onto the coverage map and register your interest in fibre to the home. The more interest the higher chance of getting in your area.

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Re: ADSL Speed in Edenvale moving in the wrong direction!

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Yeah I know that, wasnt that why they were deploying the msans on the streetcorners to faccilate the short lenghts?


My best bet is to hope and pray that some company in the private sector starts proving FTTH because I doubt that Telkom will get that right anytime soon.

0114527429 - ECDSL
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