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ADSL Upgrade from 10Mbps to 20Mbps not successful

I've requested an upgrade of my existing 10Mbps ADSL line to 20Mbps. (order number 1754867-31)

A telkom engineer phoned me on the 16th of Nov, informing me that he will be doing the upgrade, and that he would phone me back once he completed the work.

I did not hear anything further and during the evening of the 16th I did a speedtest to see if the upgrade was successful.  test results indicated that the line was no longer 10Mbps, but instead of upgraded to 20Mbps it was downgraded to 2Mbps.

Because the techy did not phone me back to confirm that the upgrade was completed, I left it there.  Returning from work on the 17th of November, the internet was no longer working and after attempting to reconfigure the router I found that the line was down.

I logged a call the next morning - 230CTK181117.

Since then I have been battling to get proper feedback from Tekom, and phoning 10210 is a complete nightmare.  Most of the times the feedback is that the fault was not assigned to an engineer.  On the occasion that it was assigned to an engineer the feedback was that they would request the engineer to attent to the fault.

I managed to get the details of the tech who did the upgrade but was told that he cannot help me because the line has to be fixed before he can try to upgrade it again. He also could not assist to have someone attend to the fault and only said that I should phone him back once the line was fixed.


I tried requesting a downgrade but was told that I have a 24 month contract and have to pay penalties.  According to Telkom records the upgrade was succesful and I am liable to pay for 20Mbps instead of 10Mbps.


On saterday I received a phone call from a tech from Telkom, saying he was at my house and wanted access to attend to the fault.  I was not at home and knew I would not be able to get there within an hour.  I asked him to return at 15:00, he agreed, and I never heard from him again.


I really really really don't know what to do any more and I cannot listen to the same irritating tune for another 25 minutes just to be told that the fault is not assigned to a tech and that it will be escalated to a supervisor just to hear nothing ....


any suggestions from anybody?

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Re: ADSL Upgrade from 10Mbps to 20Mbps not successful

Do you have a VDSL router?

Telkom sold us a VDSL 20Mbps service whilst we only had an ADSL router!

Read our story:

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Re: ADSL Upgrade from 10Mbps to 20Mbps not successful

Thank you for your reply - I had a look and wish to say that I did not have the correct router but ... nope, my router is for both VDSL and ADSL..


I phoned 10210 again this morning and when I enquired about the escalation was told that it was closed with the comment saying "this fault does not qualify to be escalated"....


On my way home just now I passed a Telkmm (openserve) vehicle about two blocks from my house with a tech busy at the man-hole.  I immediately made a U turn and stopped and very apologetically asked the guy if he would be able to help me with my ADSL link which has been down for a month.

He promised to stop here after his intallations was done, and I am sitting here, praying that he will keep to his word and come around and that he will be able to assist.



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