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Hi All

Have you ever been to a busy restaurant and waited to get a table? You are on the list, given your cell number, name and are ushered to the Bar?

Then you watch as a couple,family or a well dressed elderly man, who obviously don't have a reservation, get given a table that has just been vacated?


Well it sucks doesn't it?


Well lets look in on the situation it goes something this this:


Hi Alfredo , busy tonight! can you organize us a table?

"Mister Jones" is the reply, "Please let me see, It's so nice to see you again! How are the kids?" "they're fine, Billy said your veal piccata is the bomb!"

"Ah Thank You! Yes, one is just been vacated, the waitress is cleaning the table, it will be ready in 2mins"

Jones replies"Thank You Alfredo, you are the best!! Here is something for your trouble" and a nice orange note is surreptitiously passed between them.


You sit seething at the bar.

" Look at that, bribery and corruption!"


Actually no that 200 may have been passed even if the restaurant was not fill, It's because they - the patron and the maitre D know each other, they have a relationship, they know each other by name and a bit about each other.


Your 200 may have bumped you up the list, but you would not be bumped to 1st.


So.. when I deal with Telkom, I know I am not dealing with the guy who put a system in place that may be giving me frustrations, just the guy whose job it is to make it right again. I treat him or her with respect get their name an use in in the conversation, and use pleasantries.



From:Thaabit via RT <**********>


Good Morning

Thank you for emailing Telkom Support.

Please be advised that your line is currently syncing at 12.472Mbps.

Kind Regards
Telkom Internet Technical Support
Tel: 10210

MY Reply?


"Boetie You're the best!!"



I've now got: Until the next time I need to "eat"

speed new.JPG














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