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ADSL & Line cancellation woes

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Hi all,


I came here out of desperation and was not surprised to see another recent post on ADSL cancellation issues. I also add myself now to that list.


I've been trying to cancel my Telkom account completely since 4 May. It's now 25 August, more than 3 months later.


I'm still being billed, I've received SMS's saying how my account is suspended due to not paying invoices, but I've only been contacted once about my cancellation, at which point the phone signal was bad and the call dropped, and nobody has contacted me again since.


I've tried visiting the actual store - the branch at Fourways Crossing - and have had no luck, they're useless because they say they can't do anything and can only escalate. I ask them to escalate it, but nobody ever gets back to me.


I tried again recently to call in on the support number, and eventually someone else says they also can't do anything, but that they have to escalate it to the escalations department and someone will get back to me in 5 days. I'll believe it when I see it, it's more than 5 days already.


Why is this so hard?!


Why does it take so long for cancellations?!


It's no wonder you're losing me as a client, I only decided to cancel after about 4 years of having no issues when it took more than 5 months to try and get an issue with my ADSL resolved and yet that was also never fully fixed and a fault closed even though it was still not functioning.


I've tried Twitter, in-store, phone lines, emails, now in desparation I'm trying this forum too.


Someone help me close my Telkom account - all of it, ADSL, phone line, everything! Why is this so hard!?



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Re: ADSL & Line cancellation woes

Hi @jamiebarrow, our Community is not a Service channel, but update your profile with contact details and I will see if I can get someone to assist you.

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