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ADSL and Telephone line

I have been struggling with Telkoms service for 2 months now. Telkom came here to my house and removed my telephone line. They did this without saying a thing. And i am stuck like this for 2 months. What will Telkom do about it? I have received multiple messages telling me Telkom will come fix the issue, they never came. We are your customers. How would you feel not getting a good service at a retail or any other customer service company? I am very disappointed in Telkom i have been with them for over 6 years. Today they sent another message telling me that my cables have been stolen which is incorrect. And they said I should visit a Telkom store for alternative solutions. Shouldn't you come and fix this problem for me? Opening a new contract and paying much more for what i used to pay? I was very happy with my ADSL. What changed Telkom?
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Re: ADSL and Telephone line

@Alzanua, there are areas where there is continuous cable theft. It becomes unfeasible to keep replacing cables as it is very costly. Telkom then looks at a wireless alternative they call FLLA or Fixed Line Lookalike. You keep the same number but it works on a phone that uses a mobile SIM.

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