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ADSL cancellation



i am afraid I have to add myself to the growing list of dissatisfied who attempted this process. I posted earlier regarding my attempt to initiate the process. I eventually emailed my request, got a subsequent call from the department. It was agreed that the line would be cancelled on 4 August. Imagine my surprise when I see the line still on my next bill. A call to the billing department confirmed that it had indeed not been cancelled. I called again today. Nothing has been done still. Anybody have any suggestions as to how they got this resolved. Telkom, how do we go about fixing the issues in the cancellations department? Is it in the cancellations department?



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Re: ADSL cancellation

Hi @sagrenreddy, sorry you have had this experience. What seems to be the problem on your ADSL service? Perhaps we can help.

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Re: ADSL cancellation

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i apologise for the late response. The cancellation was eventually done.


Thank you

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Re: ADSL cancellation


I have also been trying my ADSL in order to migrate to another provider but no luck. I have emailed the form on the 31st of August but did not receive any kind of notice that it would be processed, only the auto-reply message. I called 10210 last week and told me to call sales (10213), which gives a voice message of "number does not exist" when I call from my landline - it works when I call from cellphone! Today I have been trying to call 10210 again and it constantly beeps when I call from landline, and again it works when I call from cellphone! However, I am not willing to pay for waiting an hour on my cellphone... It is amazing, how can they do this?! Have they blacklisted my landline??

Does anyone have a number specifically for cancellations?


Best wishes


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