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ADSL during rain

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For years I complained to Telkom about my ADSL connection. Every time it rained, it went down. When a technician would  come, he would say that he can only fix it when it was raining. When a technician came when it was raining, he said he couldn't work (outside) while it was raining...


Eventually one technician came who actually wanted to help. I followed him as he traced the line to an underground collection point of lines in the area. Imagine hundreds of wires coming together ia ball, a bit smaller than a soccer ball. Each line was indicated by a little paper note, tied to the wire with string, showing the phone number. I asked him how he managed to handle this mess. He laughed and said that whenever he pulls out one line from the ball to check it, many others are pulled out, disconnected, along with it. It takes skill, and care, to reconnect them all. 


The ball of wires was also under water.


My problem contined for years and was never fixed. In frustration, I cancelled the ADSL line and now use a Cell C Sim for data. It's expensive, but reliable.

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Re: ADSL during rain

@Aron have you looked in Telkom LTE? If you in coverage you can get uncapped for R599

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Re: ADSL during rain

Are you crazy? Telkom takes my money without providing a service and your solution is to pay more? 

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