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Re: ADSL problems caused by new Telkom system DSMS

@shabsta - Good Luck. I vaguely remember it was either an account re-creation on the telkom side, or like a profile recreation. Whether it was line or port or whatever, I'm not 100% sure, like i said, it was a very long time ago. I'll ask around and if i find anything, i'll let you know and post it to you here.

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Re: ADSL problems caused by new Telkom system DSMS



Did you get anything sorted in this regard?  I'm having the same issues, also from about Dec 2015, and also had barely any problems for 3 and a half years before that (using Telkom and the same service provider since Jul 2012).  


My line is also suppose to be 10 Mbps, but I am not that technical to understand all the things you referred to, and also don't know how to test the speeds.


Thank you.

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