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ADSL to Fibre Question

So I have recently been told by a family member that Telkom will supossedly move away from ADSL internet in favor of fibre. Despite not finding any such info on the Telkom website, this would not be a problem if it wasn't for the Fibre options and prices I managed to find on the site. Currently our household uses ADSL with 40 gig softcap. The lowest Fibre option I could find on the site is that of 100 gig softcap for R700+, which our household would not be able to afford.


So my question is, is what I heard from a family member true, and if it is, is there any cheaper Fibre options?

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Re: ADSL to Fibre Question

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Re: ADSL to Fibre Question

Thanks I have got the solution that you have shared here.



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