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I never knew the word ASSIA but became very accustomed to it.  Since Nov 2015 my line is also managed by ASSIA and every so often (+- weekly) ASSIA change me to INTERLEAVE and downgrade me from 4Mbs to 3Mbs, the rest of the time my line is purring along without re-syncs.


And then everytime I must contact Telkom to reset the sync speed, last week a call centre assistant helped me in 2 mins flat and I could not help to ask him how he did it.  He said the following, first he change my ADSL profile to one sync lower e.g. 2Mbs and then take it backup to 4Mbs without me having to switch the modem.  Halleluja, now I was armed to guide the next consultant to help me.


Today I phoned again, yeah, dear ASSIA visited me 1:15AM (ps. I use software called DSLSTATS - http://www.s446074245.websitehome.co.uk/ to monitor my line so I know exactly what time what happened). The call centre assistant insisted I switch the modem off while they schedule a port re-create which should have happened in 15minutes.


Well, 15min later my line were still INTERLEAVE and 3Mbs, so I phoned again, this time another call centre assistant tried to let me switch off the modem again.  After explaining that it did not work and the previous week a sync profile downgrade / upgrade to 4Mbs worked she agreed and within 2 mins my line was back to normal.


I suggested, like the previous week she share the information with the rest of the call centre, until Telkom either ger rid of ASSIA / remove my line from it or give me the control I will have to phone regurarly. Thanks to the call centre I can now enjoy fast internet again.  Keep up the good work and please share the knowledge in the call centre and feedback to management that some customers lines don't agree with ASSIA and is causing the customer and the call centre more work.


PS.  Now how about an MSAN for my area ;-) Please.


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