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Account Query - Migrated from ADSL to fibre

Good day 


I am an existing telkom customer - and was on a Home unlimited 10MB ADSL contract. 


Vumatel recently installed fibre in my area. 


Telkom was promoting fibre in my area (The blue gazzebo's) and I signed up for fibre.  


I completed all the forms and provided the sales person with all the information required. 


I made it clear that i wanted to migrate my existing account from the Home unlimited 10MB ADSL to the Vumatel 20/2 Uncapped 12 month package. I also requested that my Landline be cancelled. The package also comes with a DATA sim loaded with 3GB per month. 


The fibre installation was completed on 7/06/2019 and the Router was delivered the following week. I set up the router and the fibre is working. 


I confirmed with the sales person via whatsapp and he advised that the Landline and ADSL line would be cancelled within the next few days now that the Fibre line is in use. 


I have been using the fibre since about the 2nd week in June. However: 


1. I am not getting 20MB speed, I'm limited to 10 


2. I visited a telkom store this weekend to pick up my DATA sim and they advised me that there is no Fibre line on my account and that only the ADSL line is active. 


3. I called the billing department today (10210) that confirmed that there is no fibre line on my account only ADSL. They told me to call the sales department. 


4. The sales department confirmed that there is a fibre line on my account. They apparently checked my TIN number and advised that it is there and that billing started on the fibre line on 20/06/2019. They however told me to call the technical department to have the account rectified. 


5. The technical department advised that they cant see the fibre line and advised that i need to call sales again. 


Right now I'm seriously irritated that departments arent speaking to each other and that systems arent correctly update. 


And I'm also worried that I will be double billed for both the ADSL and the Fibre... which I specifically wanted to avoid. 


What is the way forward for getting this resolved. 









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Re: Account Query - Migrated from ADSL to fibre

Reset my account

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