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Adsl Speed Keeps Dropping

My line is supposed to be syncing on 10 mb but it keeps dropping to lower speeds. My snr up and down is 6db and drops belowe that then disconnects. My attenuation is 35+. It used to sync perfectly on 10mb and we dont live far from the exchange. I have 8 different reference numbers and telkom isnt doing anything. Even spoke to the supervisors who promised me they will send a technician but no one phoned and no one came. This has been going on for a year more or less and they are not helping me at all. My latest reference numbers are 89ark201218 and escalation ref 1137792. I really dint know what to do. The landline is also dead.
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Re: Adsl Speed Keeps Dropping

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Re: Adsl Speed Keeps Dropping

Hi @Dylan223


Sorry to hear this , so frustrating for you but we’re customers in the forum so unfortunately can’t be much help with service issues. 


Try messaging your details & refs to a Telkom media support team for decent feedback & results :


Meanwhile , your attenuation sounds very good, so there are a few things you could check out at home which may help improve your SNR.


The first step is to eliminate any potentially faulty equipment between your ADSL router or modem and the telephone jack.

This includes POTS filters (often the cause of issues with DSL connections) and telephone line extensions. Such equipment is often first to get damaged when lightning hits your phone line, and to ensure they are not causing noise on your line they should be disconnected temporarily.


Other equipment connected to the same jack as your ADSL router or modem, such as telephones, should also be removed while testing. 


is your router or modem faulty? Try connecting another modem to see if you get similar SNR readings from it.


Electric fences. A faulty security fence can cause impulse noise on an ADSL link. This will cause the line to run errors and drop intermittently. In severe cases the ASDL line will not sync at all. Check for any arcing from the fence due to cracked or faulty isolators, as well as for plants or any foreign objects touching the fence.


Hope this helps . Good luck , please keep us posted re what happens .

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