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Advice needed on Fault reporting infinite loop.

Hi Guys.
From time to time I experience faults on my ADSL line.

With the current fault I am stuck in a loop. I have a loose connection on my phone line (at the pole) and my internet connection is constantly dropped during windy days.

I would say that is a pretty easy one to fix.

But .....

I report the fault.

I wait 24-48 hours
I phone for an update.
They confirm they identified and fixed the problem at the exchange.
Go back to the beginning.

Where do you go to talk to someone or get the engineers to actually talk to the client to see what is wrong. On more than one occasion they seem to fix the first thing they think is wrong and do not address the real problem.
Also, you cant be expected to go back to the end of the queue for the next 48 hour wait when they have not fixed the current issue.


Is it possible to contact the engineers assigned to your fault?


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Re: Advice needed on Fault reporting infinite loop.

@JudgedDreadful, unfortunately that would void the need or usefullness of the call centres Smiley Tongue.

Try their Facebook and Twitter team to report your issue, and then request a technician to come out to the pole.

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