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All round bad service from Telkom

Dear Sir/Ma'am,


I am posting here after contancting every other available avenue you have to report issues and faults. 


I have a 10mbps Uncapped ADSL line which has been giving me issues since it was installed. Not only has it never achieved anywhere near 10mbps, it drops the line every few minutes, rendering it completely useless. I called the Telkom Call Centre a few weekends ago to once again get someone to "fix" the issue. This resulted in a technician arriving on Wendesday who found no issue in my house, and who was exceptionally surprised that I had a 10mbps ADSL line, as the infrastructure in my area cannot, according to him, sustain anything above 7mbps. As such he went away and I was still stuck with a 0.4 mbps line that can't even open Google, let alone allow me to work, or stream, or game as I need it to. 


Today I call Telkom regarding the progress on the fault and I am told by the curt call operator that I wasn't home for the technician's visit ad as such no report had been logged. She then arranged for an operative to come out again to check my house, which the previous technician has already established is not the problem at all. When I mentioned the fact that the systems in my area are allegedly not able to provide the speeds promised by my contract, I just got sidelined, and eventually spoken over. 


I am now totally fed up with Telkom's ineptitude. If what the technician says is true, I have been paying for a contract that is based entirely on false representations (as I received assurances from Telkom that the high speed ADSL was available in my area several times before entering into a contract). I am still stuck with slow internet and there seems to be little to no desire on Telkom's part to fix or rectify the situation at all. 


I'm not even sure what posting this on here is going to do, other than give me a way to vent my frustration at this horribly mismanaged company. 


What should I do? Who should I speak to? 


Cameron Cordell (Mr)  

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