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Almost no internet

Since February 16, we have had very limited ADSL service, weeks of nothing at all & even the phone line totally dead, from Telkom. Eg, I downloaded at 2kbs yesterday. Was on a 2mb service, but my ISP recommended dropping to 1mb as I was then getting 500kbs max. Mweb confirmed the line sychn'd at 265kbs a few days ago.  LTE not available in my area, its on the edge of their coverage. Fibre not yet rolled out. I have lost income through Telkom's inability to provide modern, reliable adsl and simple phone line infrastructure. There is a mini-exchange about 300m from me, but Telkom refuse to link me to it


My questions are: 1. Where on this website can I claim for over-charging on my telkom account - they have charged full price for the times when my lines were down, and charged me for bandwidth I never received. I noticed on the Billing & account queries page there is no sub-heading/category for over-charging. Hmmm.....

2. Advice of where I can get assistance with a legal claim against telkom for loss of income, costs incurred, etc? 

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Re: Almost no internet

We have had virtually the same experience.  Our line went dead around Tuesday 11 October - no dial tone, no incoming calls.  When anyone calls us it gives them an engaged signal.  With this our Telkom Wifi supplied by the same ADSL line, is now more off than on.  Drops every few minutes!  It is absolutely ridiculous seeing that we a paying for this service and our business from home office has been radically affected!

We have logged a call online and received a reference number.  After 10 days heard nothing, online fault tracking just showed "in progress".  We then escalated it through the online chat option and received a new reference for the escalated complaint.  But nothing has changed.  Nothing!  Still shows "in progress" and we still have no service.

I told the consultant to ensure that we WERE NOT BILLED FOR THE PERIOD WE HAVE NO SERVICE as we are NOT prepared to fund TELKOM's TOTAL INEFFICIENCY and unqualified technicians who can't seem to fix a outage/line fault in more than 2 weeks.

The TELKOM WEBSITE FAULT REPORTING offers NO SPACE/PLACE for one to : (1) follow-up on a fault already reported (2) or complain about the length of time one gets no feedback on a fault or fixing of a fault.


PLEASE....can someone from the community give us an email address or phone number of a COMPETENT TELKOM EMPLOYEE who can assist/give us info on this fault/or get it rectified.

This is the most FRUSTRATING parastatal to deal with!!

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