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Assistance with Line Upgrade

Good Morning,


I hope whoever reads this is well.


I would just like some assistance, and to clear up some confusion with regards to a recent upgrade we should have had.


Last month we were contacted by a sales lady from Telkom, and offered to upgrade our 4Mb line to a 10Mb line. This would then include the TV (LIT) box, and a 1GB data sim etc. She informed us that within 2 weeks we would receive a new modem, and be contacted to set-up our line.


So about 15 days later, we received the new modem, and the LIT Tv box. We set everything up nicely, and I called Telkom to sort out this issue, but nobody answered. 


Eventually this Monday 2018/05/07 we got a hold of a lady who said that our order was cancelled, which is not true because NEVER cancelled any order, she then informed us that we opted for an 8MB line, which is also not true because the LIT box only comes with at least the 10Mb package, and the fact I had received it is evidence of our decision to upgrade to the 10Mb line. 


The lady then said our line would be activated within 72 hours. I called Thursday and Friday, speaking to various sales consultants and technicians. One technician told me our line reflects as 10Mb on her side, and she would reset the ports, and I should try a speed test again within an hour. I did so, our speed was still at the 4Mb level (actually at 3.2Mb on average, never 4Mb) and I called again, and another lady informed that on two systems we are still at 4Mb, and I should call the sales department to process the order.


I called the sales department, and a gentleman said he had processed my order, and that my line speed should reflect within two hours.


He gave me a reference number: 252126802, and said to use that when contacting again with regards to my line upgrade.


Every other consultant I have spoken to, whether sales, or technical has said the order is pending, and still going through. They don't ask me for my reference number or actually assist me with fixing this problem.


Can somebody PLEASE assist me with sorting this mess out, as I have no clue what to do. Every time I try and get assistance I am told to wait, and am given promised timelines, which are never met, and everyone is confused with regards to whether I have an order or not.



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Re: Assistance with Line Upgrade

Hi @Rui_Elz_Marques


Sorry to hear this is happening to you.  I had upgrade problems last year - seems there are still delays updating customer info between Telkom service depts.


My issues  were finally ( and permanently) fixed after emailing details, dates, & refs  to support@telkom.co.za.  

Try that, and inbox the same to a Telkom media support team - they respond quickly with decent feedback:-


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:    @telkomza


Hope this helps ,  good luck.

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