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Avg fiber pulling/installation time?

So Fiber infrastructure installation started in Sep 2016 in our area. December they were busy pulling it to our Telkom box inside the complex. January 2017 they were done....


Move along a few months and Telkom/Vumatel has indicated they want to pull fiber to the units (35 units, furthest one is about 200m from the box, trenches need...)


Eta 19WEEKS... please tell me this is a joke? Is it 1 guy with 1 arm and 1 leg using a spoon?

Do they not want to have business or is business going so well that they just don’t care about working efficiently and get more clients?


What other Fibre providers can I contact and see if they actually want to get business and provide an actual service? They want to sign this today and I just cant see that I want to wait 19weeks for a 2-3 week job.



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Re: Avg fiber pulling/installation time?

Please elaborate do Telkom/Vumatel want to pull separate fibres to the units through separate conduits?

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Re: Avg fiber pulling/installation time?

They just said sign here and in 19weeks we will have all houses connected to the fibre entry point already in your complex..

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