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Bad service regarding cancellation and refund

In March 2018 I applied for landline and home ADSL. A technician came out in April 2018 to install the landline. But after checking he realised he cannot install it because of cabling problems. The box in my complex did not have cables to connect my line.


He notified me that he would escalate the call to the cabling department. I called every week to find out what was happening and I got told different stories all the time from the consultants. One consultant said they would escalate another one said there was no escalation.


So after calling every week to find out how far is my call. I decided to cancel my order. This was last month. 


Everytime I call 10213 they take forever to answer and when they do you just about tell your story and you get cut off and have to call back again and wait another 10 or so minutes. Calling to find out when I will get my deposit back that they wanted before installing anything. I have received no communication of any kind email or call or sms. I have not been asked where the money should be deposited to.


It sad to think that Telkom which is a well known company can give such bad service. Some consultants are so not helpful. I dialed 10213 to find out about refund they guy answers the phone and says he is working for Telkom Mobile not Landline. Not saying to me he will put me through. But telling to call 10210. Call that number it asks me do I want to load data or airtime etc. Not saying if you need to speak to a consultant press 1 or 2 etc.


I am so fedup with the bad service. All I want is my refund back. And at least some communication regarding my case number.

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Re: Bad service regarding cancellation and refund

Hi @robaynne74


So sorry to see this happening to you - we had similar awful frustration & delays with our fibre order last year.  (Fibre was eventually worth the wait, but only as adsl still worked while we waited ). 


Unfortunately can’t help you much as we’re customers in this forum.  As Telkom call centres haven’t been helpful you should message a detailed  complaint to a Telkom media team ( below),  with cc emailed to support@telkom.co.za for decent feedback & results.  

include your order number and all related refs & dates , and say acceptable response is required within 48 hours .


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


May be worth checking if an alternative internet connection might be  available at your address , such as LTE , or FLLA.

Hope this helps a bit, good luck - please let us know what happens. 

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Re: Bad service regarding cancellation and refund

Ek wil graag weet ek betaal nou al van Februarie 2018 vir 'n

Ek wil graag weet ek het in Februarie 2018 aansoek gedoen vir 'm Landlyn dit baie vinnig ontvang en Afrihost was die internet diens waarvan ek gebruik gemaak het. In Desember 2018 kanselleer ek die Landlyn daar ek verhuis en stel Telkom per epos in kennis ek ontvang epos asook 'n sms om ontvangs te erken asook om my in kennis te stel dat die diens nie meer bestaan. Ek bly rekeninge ontvang en word self aangese dat ek oorhandig gaan word daar ek nie betaal na vele korrespondensie tussen my en Telkom is hierdie diens nog nie gestop nie. My seun verhuis en gaan bly in my huis in Pretoria, weer nader ek Telkom Maart 2019 om van hulle dienste gebruik te maak vir 'n internet lyn. Ek word in kennis gestel dat ek reeds die lyn besit en dat hulle my net kan help indien ek die eerste een kansselleer weer volg daar 'n sarsie eposse tussen my en Telkom.  Nadat 'n sekere Mnr Stallone Pillay my verseker het dat alles nou reg is en ek asseblief vir Telkom 'n epos moet stuur om te vertel hoe oulik hy my gehelp het sal alles nou reg wees. Geen dienste is nog gelewer nie asook op enige van die eposse wat ek stuur en ook die epos aan hom om te se hoe teleurgesteld ek in hom is oor die diens wat hy belowe het en daar niks van gekom het nie is ek nog net waar ek is. Ek wil graag Telkom bedank van ontslae raak noem dit net wat jy wil HOE KANSELLEER EK MY TELKOM KONTRAK. 

Ek betaal van 02/2019 tot op hede. Daar word gese daar is nie 'n port beskikbaar nie. Vanaf 03/2019 maar ek betaal vir 'n diens HELP GROOT ASSEBLIEF










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