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Being Billed After Cancelling Telkom Account

I cancelled my Telkom last year October 2017 after follow all the steps Telkom require for example filling in that paper and sending it through to them, and paying for another month becuase Telkom requires 1 month notice. 


Well it is now the 1st March 2018 to my surprise I received a letter of Demand from Telkom when I arrived home for that same Telkom account where I also moved last year October to a new residence and also speaking to Lungile Ndaba in Billing department who BTW is also useless.


Telkom I have complied with all your requirements and still you billing me, you guys are totally F#@king useless and I am sure posting this still wont help me get this problem resolved.



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Re: Being Billed After Cancelling Telkom Account

Hi there, i am having te same issue, how did you end up getting it resolved?

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Re: Being Billed After Cancelling Telkom Account

Can a moderator kindly assist as I have the same problem above but with a mobile phone. I have cancelled my subscription online (thus it has been removed from my profile) but I am still being billed. I am overseas and unable to call into the call centre and do not have Facebook or Twitter. How do we then go about resolving billing issues?

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Re: Being Billed After Cancelling Telkom Account

One thing that really makes me sick about Telkom is that they won't email you so that you have a paper trail.

Their response on the phone is "we don't do that".
You get a phone call that most times you cannot return because you're busy working to pay your Telkom bill.

Here's the person that refunds that helped get our money back that Hellkom owed us.
Good luck.
P.S. When you talk to someone at this number tell them they need get their fecking **bleep** in gear and provide better service to their customers that pay their wages including making money for this wretched useless government.

Call Fatima 031 363 3639



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