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Billing R1200 over last 3 months for redundant WiFi that they failed to cancel

I upgraded my WiFi to the uncapped LTE and the modem was delivered on the first week of December.I was told when I accepted the contract and when the modem was delivered that a technician will call me and my Antenna will be installed within 7 working days . After the seven days I called 10210 where I had to wait 45 minutes for them to answer and say its not their department and transfer me again.After finally getting trough to the right department it was logged and I was to receive a call withing five days.I kept calling every five days and logging it again until giving up(last case #17378007 on Jan 14).What really ticked me of was their accounts department.I was billed for the month of December for my old WiFi and adsl line (The gentleman that I spoke to when i signed up said he will cancel it by the end of November).The accounts department said they couldn't help as it can only be done trough emailing [Email Removed] .I filled in the cancellation form and emailed it to the email provided on the form,they called back immediately to ask about the cancellation (Very quick when it comes to cancellation)I was billed again for Jan and Today for Feb.This is R1200 for something I'm not using

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