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Billing problems, Disputes, Cancellation of Service, Installation of ADSL lines, Moving house,

Hi Everybody,


Okay it seems that a lot of people are under the mistaken illusion that all Telkom woes are solved here! If a Telkom employee

pisses you off, doesn't arrive in time, misses appointments, breaks a promise, Does or Doesn't do what you want/Don't want. The Sky has Fallen on your Head, or generally you want to have a whinge, you have the freedom to do it here.


You DON'T!


We are as I re-iterate, ad nauseam, are unpaid, no associated to Telkom, it's employees, Tech Support or Donald Trump!


We do:

1. Technical Support (ADSL faults, Modem errors, Speed Problems, Disconnects and the Technical aspects of getting Internet to your device.)

2. Advise the best/cheapest way to get ADSL/Fibre/Wifi/LTE/3G Internet to your device.

3. Faults on lines whether copper/air/Fibre.

4. The Best way to contact Telkom Staff to fix your TECHNICAL problems.


This is what we do


All other problems you have with Telkom, please go to a Telkom store or if you are willing to wait, SMS, Email and if you are "Job" , Phone!


I do this tongue in cheek, and if you don't get the sarcasm, you should have stopped reading long ago!







Occasional Contributor
Posts: 140

Re: Billing problems, Disputes, Cancellation of Service, Install of FTTH/ADSL lines, Moving house,

I rest my case "Fibre install gone wrong"


Hang on i'll bring my torch to your house and shine it down the Fibre and see where the power went okay?




If the Telkom Tech can't fix it how do you think a person behind a keyboard can? if They say 2 weeks what are you gonna do?

Join Telkom and fix it faster? He was being honest with you! sit on your hands and wait for two weeks or buy some extra data for your phone and use it as a hotspot. Hell make a plan!


Dis Regards

Unca Paul

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