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Broken ADSL Line

Dear All,


its painfull four us for last 4-5 month for our office ADSL line 011-434-3449 ( Vulcan Metal) in Springfileld johannesburg, whenever i called business customer line 10217 they sometime say line is fine, sometime say the line is faulty and will send some one, once person from telkom actually they are not telkom but contractual technician , more tha 20 person visited so far and they were not able to fix the problem. 


some says that the problem is with cable and need to fix and they are going to raise this to cable department.


Still our line is not working.


below are the complains nos.












The above are the fault refrence what i have mange to get on my mobile ,there are other written are papers not with me now.


is there any other way to contact some one who really take care of the fault and for god shake do some thing , we are in hell and sitting idle , our working are online and for that we need internet. 


we contactated our ISP and they said the problem with line and most of the time not getting or intermittant .


please help.





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Re: Broken ADSL Line

When you called 10217 you need to tell the support person to escalate it....assuming you havent already.  Not that it will help that much.  We are so desparate now that we are actually moving to www.ecn.co.za At least with someone else we can have an SLA!!

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