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Cabling issue

Good day all

I am a new customer waiting for a technician to connect me up after cabling issue is sorted.

A technician previously came to connect me up (ADSL and landline) but he said that there is a cabling issue and he sent it to the cabling department. After awhile I called to find out if cabling department was done sorting out the cable and the consultant said it was sorted so we set another date. Now I call again to confirm that the technician will come to connect me up today (01/02/2018) and I find out that there still is a cabling issue.

Can someone please tell me how long cabling takes or what I can do to get connected faster? Because I've been waiting awhile.

Thanks again for your help.
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Re: Cabling issue

Hi @Kimeshen


Unfortunately the community can’t help with service issues (we’re customers like you), but we can suggest some options you could try which helped us or others .


If you haven’t already done so, try posting your order ref with full details & dates on one of Telkom social media channels , their dedicated support teams are good & can usually escalate and/or send you proper feedback :-


Facebook: TelkomZA
Twitter:   @telkomza


Also might help to email the same details to support@telkom.co.za ( my issues were fixed after that )

Good luck , hope this helps.

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