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Can't access from Safari on Mac...



I'm having a problem going to My Internet has been up & down on all devices for a week or so. A technician suggested I change my password due to an apparent  authentication problem. Problem is I can't log onto to do it... My Mac says the server is down / not responding...


Anyone know how to sort this? I've tried an ethernet cable to bypass wifi but stilll can't get on...



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Re: Can't access from Safari on Mac...

I can only think of Two things: 

Router IP Might have changed ? Test this by opening your Terminal (on Mac) and type Ping

If you can Ping then router will be there. and you should try a different browser (Firefox or Google Chrome) I've had this before on my Mac and Safari

If not then Router IP Changed, I suggest then reset it to Factory and start again. 


Good luck

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Re: Can't access from Safari on Mac...

Easiest way to check if your router IP subnet was changed on setup is to do an IPCONFIG ?  Not sure of the MAC version, but you need a command prompt and then ipfconfig will show your default gateway - according to google you need an ifconfig -a command - http://www.mac-forums.com/switcher-hangout/93998-ipconfig-equivalent-mac.html

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Re: Can't access from Safari on Mac...

possibly you might have lost your wireless settings due to a reset.  plug in your cable and try that again.

If you are still connected wirelessly, you can also try from your other devices like a phone or tablet.


good luck

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