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Re: Cancelling Telkom

Ok to give you an update.


Awoke today to find our Telkom email account has been cancelled as promised.


Now awaiting our final bill so we know if we can put this Telkom saga to bed.

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Re: Cancelling Telkom

There may be 60 ways to leave your lover, but sadly it seems there are none when it comes to leaving Telkom.


Eight months and counting.


May God have mercy on my soul, because at this stage I am more likely to die of old age than receive any assistance from Telkom.

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Re: Cancelling Telkom

Haha yes Telkom is the ultimate stalker.


Luckily I am not on direct-debit as takes the stalking to a whole new level of pain

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Re: Cancelling Telkom

[ Edited ]

Ok folk here's an update:


Haven't received the final bill so we call Telkom billing at 10210 to be told that our service is still active because even though the landline & Internet were cancelled, the IDS (Integrated Data SIM) was not.

This despite being assured by the numbnuts at Telkom Fourways Crossing, that it would be automatically cancelled becuase it is an IDS which is tied to our Internet account.


We asked if the customer rep could cancel the IDS but was told "no" we had to call the mobile billing department. We are transferred to mobile only be told that no they can't cancel the IDS because either the landline billing must do it or we must go back to the Hellkom shop to get them to do it. We told them they just passed us onto you and now you want to pass us back to them?

But wait...there's more!

The billing rep tells us our outstanding bill is R1020 due to the "cancellation penalty". We asked what penalty. We are told because we have cancelled before our 24 month contract was up. However we signed up for a month to month which was confirmed by the CS rep at the time. I asked if I had signed up for another 24 months (without my permission) then where is my free modem!


Our account has been kicked back to the cancellation department to investigate.

Stay tuned!!!



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Re: Cancelling Telkom

Hey there  @hongkongpom


Telkom systems are soooo not funny - 

.. a cancellation department ?!


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Re: Cancelling Telkom

Ok, a final update; or so we hope.


We received another bill this time with an interest charge, so it's back to the Telkom shop where we talk to someone that seems to know the computer system.


She tells us that the reason our account shows a 24 month contract is not for the Landline/Internet service, but for the IDS that was given to us.
She confirms that our landline & ADSL wasn't on a 24 month contract; only the IDS was.

It's a moot point because the IDS wasn't active. In fact our whole account was inactive after all on the cancellation day. What confused the Telkom staff was the IDS.


She also explained that Telkom bills the monthly charge in arrears, as opposed to other countries which bill in advance.

Therefore the final bill that we have received was for the final month and a few days and the landline calls.

There was no penalty for a supposed 24 month contract, even though two people told us otherwise at the billing department.


Now hopefully case closed and we can move on and enjoy our fibre and rapidly put distance between us and Telkom.
God help the RSA!

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Re: Cancelling Telkom

[ Edited ]

Ok so now we get a new invoice showing a credit but now how to get the credit put back into our account is anyone's guess.
Probably more of our lives will be wasted journeying to Telkom Fourways crossing.

Oh yes and one more thing...


The silly cow that looked at me straight in the eye at Fourways Crossing and told me that Telkom bills in arrears really has to be retrained.

No wonder the SOEs are failing....

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Re: Cancelling Telkom

Hello @hongkongpom


Much sympathy  & cheers to you for keeping us posted , so useful for others in the same boat .

Also pretty accurately described in ‘Hotel California’    -  You can check in any time you like , but you can never leave


Below might be of interest in the unlikely event that you consider extricating your Telkom refund without yet another excruciating ( but possibly safer) store visit : -


 Very best luck with outcome ....

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Re: Cancelling Telkom

good day!! which area is this?

@hongkongpom wrote:

Hi peeps,


Our complex has finally been installed with fibre!


It will be interesting to see how well our experience goes with cancelling our Telkom services.


Luckily we are on a month-to-month non debit contract with them.


Our plan is to fill out and take the required form to the Telkom orifice and have them do their normal data entry as well as stamping the cancellation form. 


We'll make sure they stamp our form so we have proof.


We'll pay the requried 30 days of service fee one last time.


I'll scan and email the forms to the usual email addresses ie.


Will let you know how things go so other people can avoid the frustration experienced by many customers wanting to escape the Hellkom hole...


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Re: Cancelling Telkom

So I just keep on returning the debit order Smiley Happy
I have 9 outstanding disputes. And every month a new one adds as my bill is just incorrect in a new way. Wierd how they are still running....because they Cheap.

Anyway, so Prepaid Telkom sim.
1 Hour a week on the phone.

And I'm still not paying.


Next month I'm changing banks aswell, Telkom will thus get to a dead end on my debit order.
If they register me on ITC, Ill just take them through Legalwise. There aswell they will have to do some admin.
So Ill just keep on piling the admin work on them month in & month out.


And I will enjoy it.

Every second of it.

Even tho I hope a class action law suit gets started against them.

I hope businessess opt for more expensive internet....and cuts out Telkom. 

I hope Telkom is forced to sell off old stock.
I hope they are forced to decrease office space.

I hope they are resorted to use cheaper systems.

So that they can feel how it feels not to service customers...there where it matters = The pocket.


Cannot wait to log my next dispute.

Waste another service consultant's time and give bad ratings.

I cannot wait to return their next debit order.

I am excited to see if they will list me on ITC so that we can play with them in the court of law.

A term of advice: "Consumer Protection Act".

Consumer = me.

How the law protects me against Telkom.

Below is the link to view your rights:




Let's play a game.


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