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Cannot deliver on contract but I still pay for it

I signed up for a 10mb ADSL contract in Nov 2014, On the call the agent confirmed 10mb in my area...I never seen anything more than 5.2 mb ever since it started. I logged so many complaints over the last 2 years but all I get is "You are too far from the exchange". Not once has Telkom decided to refund me on the lack of service and charge me fairly. They said I can cancel the contract but then I must pay for the cancellation. The issue is that you promised something but never delivered. It is not my fault, it is yours. 

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Re: Cannot deliver on contract but I still pay for it

@Sher11zn the Community is a peer 2 peer support forum, and not a service channel. We welcome constructive discussion, but it is not meant as a complaints channel.


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