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Cant get my line serviced?

I have had problems with my Telkom ADSL line since the 26th of November. I have received 12 sms telling me they are looking into the problem, 8 DMs from their social media team telling me that they have escalated their problem, 7 SMSs asking me to rate the effectiveness of their call centre.
I have had 1 technician and 1 supervisor on my property lying about the service they have provided and intend to provide and 1 apprentice who fixed the line, (it only stayed working for a day). I was told to email my complaints to them because Customer Care and complaints are 2 different department. (without my working ADSL line this is difficult). I do not see how they can be selling new product when they cannot service their existing networks.
I put a complaint on Hellopeter.com on the 18th December and they have not responded
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