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Complaint about service delivery - didnt Install Fibre broke my line (without appointment or ID)

This is terrible service.

I ordered telkom fibre 6 weeks ago .

A technician came to my house yesterday after disconnecting my line and adsl without an appointment or any form of ID.

When asked for ID they just left the street.

I now have no line or internet which is needed for business.

I phoned the call centre after being put of hold for hours and was told that the fault depertment is not responsible but the sales department.

I then phone the sales department and spoke mariam pillay (the supervisor).

She advised that the earliest the next appointment would be 3 weeks on the 8th of Jan and the technicians are off on leave. All of them!

She advised if i was this unhappy i should just cancel the fibre and wait months for my old line back.

How can you even hire such rude staff ! This is the worst service.

I am not left without any line or internet because of Telkom and Openserve's terrible service.

I demand my line and internet back until the fibre is installed.

Else install the fibre.


Rory Preddy

Posts: 1

Re: Complaint about service delivery - didnt Install Fibre broke my line (without appointment or ID)

My telkom line died on 09/12/2017. call logged and up to date no resolve. Keep on being fed the same " as soon as a tch is assigned, they are working on the problem, there is a bulk problem, "we weill make an apointmnet" run around. I am paying for a 4 meg line and getting 0.02 up to 2.13 if I am lucky. 


Was told by service centre the line speed is not guaranteed. lol


any one out there information on whom to contact for a repair ?


good luck - this is the worst service I have vere come across

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