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Re: Complaint about service delivery

Hi Telkom,


I called in on the 19 June 2019 to buy 20gb data bundle once off  on two number, The agent on handling the call purchase lit music streaming data which is not what I purchase (call 01 Lusada Luvalo 10 June 2019), upon the next call trying to correct this (Call 02 Mamathe 19 june 2019) I am poorly handled, waited over 40mins to sort the call only to be told I should switch off my data until this is sorted as if it is my error that lit music is loaded intended on once of data bundle 20gb for R355 I made sure all I was said clearly.


So now because this is my error i must wait for 72 hours until this is resolved.

I paid using my money for LTE to LTE data bundles, your error should not inconvience me any how.

I use the data for business purpose, now as I customer I am sufferring .


I used my money to purchase what you guys promised to be 20gb data bundles for R355. This is not what I have received.

Please note I will be formal complain with the watchdog because I am not getting any joy dealing with Telkom.



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Re: Complaint about service delivery



I no longer know who to contact or what to do. I had contract with Telkom on the following number 0614890110 I have been calling telkom call center from January 2018 with nor assistance or respond. The agent will promise to revert back to me within 72 hours until today I`ll waiting for the 72 hours. On the 15 May 2018 I then went to telkom Shop at Witbank Highveld Mall to enquire about the servive not received, they could not assist until I decided to cancel the contract I filled in the form and send to Telkom for the service to be terminated because they have been deducting my money but no service received. On the 13 November I`ve resend the request to terminate the service still nothing was done Telkom kept on deducting my money without service. On the 18 June 2019 I walk in again to Telkom shop asking them to terinate the service I could not be assisted I then called call centre I was given a Cancellation case number 446895121A when I follow up the cacellation is done but they put me on prepaid servive saying I`m laibale for the prepaid service, I then told them I can not pay for a number I`m not using.

I then request reimbursment I was given a wrong case number 352515918, when I follow up I was told the case number does not exist, they gave me another case number 28883269 when I follow up I was told this case number is not related to my enquiry, they gave me another case number 29012084.



I would like some feed back as to when will I be reimbursed the total amount Telkom was deducting from me while I was not receiving any service but headache, I am very frustrated.


Some help would be appreciated!



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Re: Complaint about service delivery

ref 224 293 024A


What service?......Useless!!!!!


We have relocated and are very frustrated that we do not have a telephone line and are finding it very difficult to do business.

This is a detail of my telephone calls to Telkom

- 30 May - Requested a new at our new address
- 13 June 2019 (14h47) - Followed up on line, Telkom reported that they were unsure of our unit number which I then gave them
- 20 June 2019 (10h20) - Telkom said to give them another 48hours to 7days
- 25 June 2019 (14h28) - Telkom said they will accelerate job
- 1 July 2019 (08h50) - Telkom said they will get the agent dealing with our Job to call me back (which never happened)
- 3 July 2019 (various times) - Telkom will send requested to person dealing with our account and accelerate our job
- 4 July 2019 (various times) - Telkom will accelerate the job



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Re: Complaint about service delivery

I can relate to so many of this experiences....


My wife and i do not know what to do any more....


Not even any feedback on hellopeter, niks!!!


How do i get through to these people!!!!!!



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Re: Complaint about service delivery

In case i was not clear by my user name.... F U Telkom!!!!!!


You are are horrible organisation with ZERO customer centric values!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Re: Complaint about service delivery

Telkom has cancelled my adsl line 3 days ago for no reason. I have spoken to technical and sales, plus +/-5 technical managers. They have pass the buck from technical to sales and back to technical again. they have even blamed my ISP [mweb] for the cancellation off service, which mweb call center agent laugh it off. I have had 3 requested call me back 2 from technical managers whom personal said they will follow up. On Tuesday evening, i had spoken to technical manager whom had told me that there procedure taken by the other technical manager was not the right solution to resolve the issue, and that he will email, IT department and have them almost immediately which was on Wednesday between 8am and 5pm. Which never happened. So yesterday evening i had spoken to another technical manager @ about 5pm and he told me that he would followup on the problem and call me back before 7pm, which never happened. Today is day 4 still not resolved.

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Re: Complaint about service delivery

Day 5 off no adsl line because they telkom made a mistake and cancelled it.

which they admitted to but make you out to be the bad guy.


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Re: Complaint about service delivery

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Re: Complaint about service delivery



See below highlighted in yellow (you confirmed that the account is up to date).


I visited your West gate branch on Saturday and was advise that the account is still suspended, why when you said the account is up to date??? This will be the 3rd time I need to go to your shops with no success!


I contact you people from the store and was told I must wait another 24hrs…you pathetic store service agent (Kelebogile) was supposed to call me on Sunday regarding the unsuspension and up to now , no contact.




From: 180@telkom.co.za [mailto:180@telkom.co.za]
Sent: 29 August 2019 09:41
Subject: Mobile Customer Service Response to your Request Reference :_1728655.



Dear Valued Customer, please find communication with regards to your request below:

Good day Yadhasan,

Thank you for contacting Telkom.

Please find the response regarding your inquiries below.

1.Why was my account not debited as advised that the account will be debited?

Kindly be advised that we tried to debit your account on the 27th of June an amount of R 244.84 but payment were returned (back out).
If payment is not received service will be suspended and a fee of R 202.70 for dishonoured debit rejection will be added.

2. Why could you not provide me the sim swap prior to 24-48 hours but rather inconvenience client by asking them to come into the branch again? (I obviously cannot use the sim if my account is in arrears).

Please be advised that we can't do SIM swop if the number 0814253015 is suspended.

3. Why does your billing include data charges and not only the device, when the sim card is suspended? (customers are supposed to pay for data billing that they are not using).

Note that you signed up a contract that we will debit you every month. Even the account is suspended we will charge you until you requested for cancellation.

4. Please provide me a statement reflecting how you get to the arrears of R 862.12.

Kindly be advised that with regards to your email enquiry, the reason you were billed R 862.12 is due to the rejected failed debit order on the account for the month of June and July 2019 which was R 244.48 + R244.84 Telkom tried deducting.
If you add past due amount R 658.11 + August bill R 204.01 you get an amount of R 862.12. The payments were made and your account is up-to-date.

Please find the billing invoice in the attachment.

If there is anything else you require assistance with, please do not hesitate to contact the Telkom customer care on 081 180 or 180. Alternatively forward a email to 180@telkom.co.za.

Thank you for choosing Telkom.

Kind Regards
Mandlenkonzo Ndlovu
Telkom Customer Support

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Telkom now Stealing Data from the New Month and not using Promotional Data

[ Edited ]


Good Day Everyone, Please let me know if anyone has any Data Contracts with Telkom which include Promotional Data as Telkom is no longer using the Promotional Data and taking Data from the New Month. I am checking if anyone else is also experiencing the same issue with Telkom.

Thanks & Best Regards

Laurent M Naidoo

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