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Complaint about service delivery

Hi there,


I no longer know who to contact or what to do. We have recently moved and have been trying to get our line moved into our new house. After many hours on the phone, and being transferred back and forth between operators, and no-one being willing to escalate the problem or at the very least give us a date that this will happen, here I am.


We were initailly told the  transfer would happen within anywhere between a few days and a month, it has now been a month and a half. We have phoned almost daily, with no success, and we have basically been told to wait until we are contacted, but no-one has contacted us so far. 


I would like some feed back as to when the transfer will happen, who are we supposed to contact about it? I am very frustrated as we have still been paying for our phone line as well as our ADSL for this whole time with no sign of the transfer of the line happened any time soon. 


Some help would be appreciated!

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Re: Complaint about service delivery

@anitajorritsma  For Service related queries, please see below options -- 


  • Contact us on our Social Media Channels
  • Chat to an Agent (an online chat with a Telkom representitive)
  • Reporta fault via SMS:    SMS "SERVICE" and your landline number to 30591. (SMS at no charge.)
  • Call the Call Center
    • Mobile: 081180 (free from a Telkom Mobile phone)
    • Home:   Sales - 10213  & Service - 10120 (free from a Telkom landline)
    • Business: Sales - 10213 & Service - 10217 (free from a Telkom landline)
  • Email us
  • Find a Store
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Re: Complaint about service delivery

Service delivery on Telkom faults is shocking.  Although our line went dead on the 14.10 already, we thought we'd wait to see if it got sorted.  Eventually on the 17.10.2016, we logged our fault and got a ref no.  The next day the online status showed it was at step 2 - in progress.  Yet later that day we receive an sms to say "the outage has been resolved and all is in order".  BUT IT WAS NOT.  There was still no service, and this is detrimental to our business.  We then sent an email to customer service - no reply, and through the online option - no reply.  And if one attempts to call in to the fault line, be prepared to haaaaaaang on until you fall off.  

Today 24.10.2016, we eventually took the online chat option and were told "our online system shows it is in progress!!!".  Tell me something I dont know.  After stressing how this was affecting our work, it was escalated - whatever that may help.  So now we have to wait and see.  VERY FRUSTRATING!!

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Re: Complaint about service delivery

no point in conntacting cuase service is terrible the worst service over a phone ever can get better service from a dog

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Re: Complaint about service delivery

Go to a Telkom Outlet

Sit in the queue

Speak to a person

Take a book/tablet/newspaper

Your blood pressure will reduce

Your problem will sit with a person with a computer

on said computer will be your status

Be Nice

perhaps that human will escalate( a dirty word I know to some!) and you will get what you desire

If you say you don't have the time to do that.... wellllll then sit on the phone and suffer





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Re: Complaint about service delivery

Telkom states "We're busy making Telkom.co.za bigger and better, and it's all for you"

That is an utter lie, when we registered for Telkom ADSL we immediately received an sms notification and they cam eto install the ADSL line within 3 days... WOW amazing fast and aweosme. WHY???? Cause its new business 


Now lets talk about their better and bigger service which is horrible and absolute crap. So I pay for a month in advance as always and now we move to a new home and I request a transfer to a place that has  ADSL and Fibre how aweosme, except its been 17 days since I logged the transfer and everytime I call the call cantre they say its being reveiwed, they waiting to see if there is a port. I paid for the momth in advance and after 17 days I dont even have an instillation date a confirmation that a line transfer is being proccessed ony that they waiting to see if there are ports all while paying my subscription. So here it is... 17days lost subscription and not even a preoccessing or instillation date. Where as a new customer the line was installed within 3 days. I dont mind if it takes eg 10 days for a line transfer or 10 days to get a date for instillation of new line as I know something is happening and that everything is a process but to wait 17days and still have no news not even a clue as an instillation date. That sucks heavily, 


Telkom is not better faster and bigger, they are a typical useless we want client kind of business but we are not willing to service clients all while eating our money. I am disgusted now on the 6th I have to pay another subscription and I doint even know if I will have my line installed. The best is if I decide to not pay untill installed they cancell service and I have to repay the connection anf instillation fee which is suppose to be free on my contract that I have. 


Telkom you are really horrible 

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Re: Complaint about service delivery

Sorry for the bump, but I am so glad to see you had your line installed so quick. If what you say is the reality of the situation I am about to cry or explode.... I have been battling for almost two months now just to get the bloody thing installed!!! Yesterday after being shunted around for 6 hours, a tech decided to show up after hours and tell me he cannot install as he doesn't have the right cables for the installation????? I have spent a total of R798 on artime phoning the useless entity they call customer service, I even eventually got the Thembiso the technician's phone number who refuses to answer his phone, whether it's me calling or telkom. Yesterday the technician promised that he would be back this morning at 7:30 with the correct cable to install. Guess what, it's 8:25 and nothing, and yet again no answer when phoned. All the customer service disaster is telling me is they cannot help me until they get hold of the tech. My employer is at the point of firing me because they think I am thinking up excuses to stay away from work. Nowhere else to contact anyone. My question is, WHEN AM I GETTING MY &%$*!@ LINE????, and if this is how it goes with a new installation, what service can I expect in future?

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Re: Complaint about service delivery

[ Edited ]

Re: 4Mbps Telkom Home Unlimited uncapped deal


Dear Telkom


The problem previously noted was in error.


Thank you for resolving my problem some time ago.


On my complaint I list the incorrect ADSL line number. My apologies for the confusion.


I did contact the call center and went to a Telkom Direct store and my problem was resolved promptly and professionally.


Kind regards,


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Re: Complaint about service delivery

Hello we are members of the public just like you.


Where is this IDS being installed?


ADSL router as back up, mifi router or plug in modem for your computer?

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Re: Complaint about service delivery



I got a call from the store and was assisted by the lady that helped me the first time. 


They were excellent in resolving my complaint. 


I'm glad I can conplain and still keep a good relationship with them.


It was the Integrated Data SIM that come with the UnlimitedHome package.


Thanks for seeing to my complaint Telkom.


Kind regards,