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Re: Complaint about service delivery

To whom it may concern;


Please see below the email that was sent to me this morning by my colleague after numerous attempts to receive some type of service from Telkom and I’ve have included the Telkom contacts that have not provided us with any solution to our problem.


Cc: Nombuso Mpanza (NW) <MpanzaNW@telkom.co.za>; Nicolette Ganesh (N) <Ganeshn1@telkom.co.za>; Samukelsiwe Pride Ngubane (S) <Ngubans7@telkom.co.za>


Good morning Mr Petersen,


I have send numerous letters to Telkom to resolve the issue around the downgrade of the current Telkom Contract as well as the urgent moving of the switchboard, currently installed at our office.


I have not heard a word back from them, although I have stated how urgent this matter is, especially the moving of the current equipment in our office as we are moving our office.


I don’t know what to do anymore to get a reply or service as promised in the contract between Telkom and UCB Africa, although I see that my requests have been read by the person it was send to.  Attached read receipts.


Please advise, but I think that we should cancel the contract and make use of some other service provider that would give us the service we require.



Christa Johnson


Now, after reading this and seeing the many attempts from her (more than 20+ email and calls) to receive some type of service from Telkom, and me a Director of the company, personally requesting the downgrading of our service package with Telkom (please find attached all the necessary documentation). I have come to the conclusion, after many hours of total frustration and the sheer lack of interest everyone has shown me and my company, I would like to cancel all our services with Telkom effective immediately. We have now tried for more than a month to receive some type of communication from Telkom and every time “the puck just get passed” to the next person that is useless and not interested to help us. I have escalated my situation and dilemma on your website as well but I doubt I will get any response from anyone. SO, thank you for proving everyone right and showing us that Telkom is the worst service provider in the country. We are moving our offices on the 26th June and we will be glad to leave the PABX system right there for you to come and collect whenever you wake up and realise you’ve lost a client that has supported you for the last 10 years. I have read through the contract and according to point 13.1 in the termination clause we have the right to cancel the contract if WE DO NOT RECEIVE THE SERVICE we pay for. Not only did we upgrade our agreement in February of this year but we’ve been paying our accounts even though we receive nothing in return from Telkom or their employees. I am sick and tired of this service and good luck with disappointing all your clients in the future.


Please do not even try and contact me or my company again, you have lost us as a supporter and a client forever. This is utterly disappointing and I will not even recommend your service to an enemy .


Sincerely angry and disappointed,

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Re: Complaint about service delivery

Disgusting service. I phone in to the sales department on 10213 and get told they cant tell me if the nearest store has available store for a device i want. I get told to phone 081180 and they will be able to provide me with that info. Ive spend over R100 rand in airtime phoning these useless people. 10213 says i must phone 081180 and 081180 says i must phone 10213. Back and forth i go from one to another. Then i get told i must go to the nearest store to find out if they have that phone in stock whereas the nearest store is 250km away in one direction. What if i get there to be told they dont have stock. Will Telkom conpensate me for the 500km driven if they dont have the phone i want. How can people be so useless. Telkom is SH!T. Useless. What service do you guys provide besides uselesness.. How can this be tolerated. If you guys want us to go to a store then make them more available in more areas.. You better fix this issue. Starting with me and surely many others who have been given the same treatment.

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Re: Complaint about service delivery

I asked to have my line moved on the 28th of July and then have the new line activated on the 29th of July. Pretty straight forward stuff. However the technician decided to deactivate my line on the 16th. I have called the support and sales centre about 8 times and everything single time I have been told a different story as to what happend with a different solution and a promise it woll all be sorted. I have also emailed the 10213@telkom.co.za and was informaed that I requested the actual move date to be the 3rd of July. 


The final straw was that I was denied support from the 10213 team on Monday because the address they have for me on the system is outdated and no support will be provided until I go to the Telkom store and with my new proof of residence. What was interesting is that it was a place I live in from 2010 -2012, have moved several times and have several changes to my line  (from ADSL, to LTE to Fibre) and always was helped ( I think Telkom have tagged me as irate because I demand support and answers.) What adds to this is that I pulled up my old lease agreement with all the info and I was told my info was incorrect and that I was not going to be helped. Obviously Telkom knows best. 


Kindly note that when the customer requested for a relocation these are the notes that were inserted on the order as per customer's request telephonically," Relocation Request , , Line must be ceased at the old address on the 03/07 and installed at the new address immediately thereafter , new address has full fibre available , no past due amount - This is a different Exchange order , the customer is aware that his landline number will change


Over the years I have actually beem an advocate of Telkom and supported them, even though their fibre offers are about 25% more expensive based on the stable and good support. Unfortunately with this current episode I can tell you that should nothing drastic happen in the next day, Telkom would have successfully chased a client away of 16 years simply by bad support, inability to resolve an issue and absolutely absolute useless and pathetic support.