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Stelen Promotional Data : Complaint about service delivery

Good Day Everyone, Please let me know if anyone has any Data Contracts with Telkom which include Promotional Data as Telkom is no longer using the Promotional Data and taking Data from the New Month. I am checking if anyone else is also experiencing the same issue with Telkom. Telkom is now using only my Inclusive Data and not touching the Promotional Data at all. When my Inclusive Data Finishes instead of using the Promotional Data they start to steal Data from the New Month. This started happening 3 to 4 Months Ago. Everyone with Promotional Data should check this as the Promotional Data is now just a Gimmick / Con / Scam if Telkom does not use it.

Thanks & Best Regards

Laurent M Naidoo

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Re: Complaint about service delivery

Posts: 2

Re: Complaint about service delivery

Hey whats new? They expect us as consumers to pay our bill every month on time but they cannot provide a proper stable service without any interruptions. Call centre staff gives you a run around on the fault instead of saying first time round, Sorry sir/mam there is a network outage or cable damage in your area. Can avoid so much issues first time round.