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Complaint against Telkom on hellopeter, also worthless:-(

Telkom simply pathetic, avoid at all costs!!!!!

Published 1st review during October 2018 on hellopeter.com


Upon entering into a 10MBPS uncapped contract with Telkom, we received a so-called Android TV Box included. Such box became faulty and we returned same to get it hopefully replaced under warranty. Much to our surprise and dismay, Telkom refused to replace the TV Box and told us that same had to be sent for repairs that can take anything from 7 days to whatever. This meant being without TV streaming without a TV Box and Telkom unable to provide a "loan box" while waiting for faulty box to be repaired. Without any other option to our disposal, I bought a new TV Box to use with the understanding that I will be refunded when the faulty box is returned, repaired or replaced. What is the use of having an Internet service if one is unable to use it for streaming? Yesterday, after nearly 2 months, Telkom advised me that I must come and collect a brand new TV Box because the one sent back was irreparable. I told Telkom to keep such new box and to just refund the money that I already paid for another new box when I returned my faulty box. Believe it or not, I was told by the store Manager Ashni Gaya in Knysna that it can't be done and that I must take the new box as well!!!! When I asked her what is the purpose of having 2 TV Boxes, I was told that Telkom can't keep the new box and refund me the money that I already paid for another new box because "that is just how Telkom work". There are unfortunately no pills available to improve common sence and I left the store fuming and leaving the new TV Box with the mentioned store manager. Bottom line, the faulty TV box with Serial number FCD5D9167D28 was replaced with a new box that Telkom can keep and sell again because I already paid R1099.00 for a new box on 30/8/2018 with serial no: FCD5D919FD52 and I want my money back. I will pursue this refund to the end and keep updating this tragic state of affairs. In the meantime, my only advice to anybody is, notwithstanding their new look, stores etc. Telkom remains pathetic and should be avoided at all costs.

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