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Conduit size for ADSL



I'm building a new house and will need an ADSL line, because I need at least 75Gb each month. So FLLA won't work. The electrician wants to know what conduits and blanks he needs to install while he is doing the electrical installation for the house. I've visited 2 Telkom stores, phoned the Call Centre 7 times and tried the Chat line 6 times with no succes.  I've been switched from new sales to technical and back again too many times to count. 


I'm being given 2 stock answers. The first is that I don’t have to do anything. This is crazy. It's a new installation so it needs conduits chased into the walls, laid to the boundary of the property and  telephone jacks installed. Wires can't be surface mounted on walls and all services are underground.


The other answer that we have been given is that I must wait until the line is needed and then ask a technician to come and install it. The technician will visit and do the installation at the same time. If new conduits need to be laid, he/she will do it at the same time. But by that stage the drive may have paved, walls plastered etc and technicians don't do building repairs.


Please, please, please does anybody know what size conduit the electrician must lay and where it needs to terminate at the boundary of the property?



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Re: Conduit size for ADSL

hi @sforsyth did a bit of reading and it seems 20mm-25mm pvc piping is suffiecient. some say pvc weld is better. I know you were on the clock but, this is a very good question. I've never seen an installation, where piping is done. Usually the cable runs from the pole into the premises. not sure how long it would be? sounds like your electrician did this before. he might have an idea how long it should be. hope you came right.

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Re: Conduit size for ADSL

ADSL line is normal telephone line. Use 25mm (1") conduit to each phone outlet. Run each conduit back to a common point in your home. Also have him run another 1" conduit to each room in which to pull CAT6 Ethernet cables. Pull these to the same common point where you can install an ADSL router and switch. That way you can feed each room with Internet signals and install a Wifi WAP as a secondary measure for your mobile devices.

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Re: Conduit size for ADSL

If I were you I'd also allow for fibre. FTTH is the way of the future, and if you combine voice (VOIP) and data it can work out cheaper for a better service. Seeing as you're building new, best to future-proof.

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