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Congestion in Stellenbosch

Good day. I have been having trouble with my Telkom ADSL line from the day it got installed.
I have called, Tweeted, emailed and even posted TWICE on HelloPeter (ref: SM210558), but Telkom just ignores my complaints. I have logged 3 faults (539CWK020316, 552CWK03016, 591CWK160316), but when I call to check on them I get told they have been closed. I am disgusted at Telkom's disregard for customers.
I pay for a 4mb line, but I get sub 1mb speeds; most evenings I get between 10 and 20kbps. My latency to the nearest exchange is about 70-80ms and I have constant packet loss of between 10 and 40%. I KNOW this issue can be fixed, Telkom just seems to have no intention of making that happen.
This is unacceptable. All I want is a stable internet, but Telkom simply just ignores my complaints. I am extremely unhappy.
I have attached a screenshot of a recent speedtest.
I don't know why I am even bothering posting here. I know I will most likely just be ignored or receive a generic "Hi, please note that we have sent your query to our Team for further assistance, they will advise.^LM" message. No team ever advises. Have a look on Twitter (@MelonasAngelo).
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