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Connected but no Internet

Hi. Can someone assist please. Our land line and ADSL has been off since last week. According to Telkom the cables was stolen but I'm the only one in my street without service. I got a sim card at Telkom that you can put in a mobile device, make it a hotspot, and use the existing Telkom ADSL plan. The connection is there, but no Internet. Can someone please guide me? What am I doing wrong?
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Re: Connected but no Internet

@TyronSmith I know that you have to activate it at this link - http://sim.telkom.co.za


And on the device, make sure you are picking up the Telkom Mobile network and have signal. Then create a new APN and call it TelkomInternet

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Re: Connected but no Internet

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Good day

Thank you for responding to my mail.
I did the setup, I pick up the hot spot on my phone and laptop, it shows
connected, but still no connection.
I'll try and go to a Telkom store, but with no hope, as everyone has a
different story, and no solution.

Best regards

Tyron Smith

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