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Consumer Request for Contract and Service Cancellation

Hi Guys.  


So about 8 months ago I cancelled my ADSL (month to month) line at home to replace it with a more reliable LTE line (also from Telkom).  My husband phoned in to cancel the ADSL and then took out a two year contract on a LTE line.  


In February, we realised that Telkom hasn't stopped billing us for the ADSL line.  So we have been paying for two services, but only make use of one. Since February we've been phoning the call centre to get this rectified to no avail.  Last week my husband was told that he has to cancel the subscription online, so I logged in, only to find that online, the account has been suspended.  I phoned the call centre to inform them of this and they told me they have no record of us cancelling and we are therefor liable to pay monthly. 


I wasn't happy with this response, and in the mean time, I've tried Online chatting with an agent (who told me the systems are down and I should try again sometime next week), Call centres who confirmed they can't help me, emails who know one responds to, and Hello Peter, where I haven't received a response yet. 


So My question is really, how to I cancel a suspended line so that they can stop charging me for something I don't use, and how do I go about claiming back the almost R8000 Telkom has stolen from me over the last 8 months?


Please help, I'm quite desperate? 



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