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DISAPPEARING DATA - 2nd month in a row!

How is it possible that for this month and last (April) our 40Gig's worth of internet has diminished in the first 9-15 days of each month?
The Internet is in use for max 3 hours for 3 days between Monday to Friday - minimal downloads or uploads and almost never in use on the weekends. 

I was on my PC on 15 May and saw the notification pop up that stated our data was at 70% of the quota, 45min later and another notification popped up - oh lovely! our Data usage was at 100% after no one had even touched the internet since the first 70% notification. Like a magic show all our Data had disappeared yet again and our line is severely throttled.
I have contacted Telkom and they did not resolve the problem last month. I had to buy a top-up.
I have changed all passwords in April in fear of being hacked (don't know who would hack my 2Gig line...) And yes i have emailed abuse@telkomsa.net after the consultant Polisa refused to let me speak to her supervisor. 
It would have to take 48Hrs of constant downloading to make such an impact on 40Gig's of data.

I have emailed, phoned and tweeted to no avail.
I would LOVE telkom to tell me where exactly my data has disappeared to. We have been loyal customers for many many years.



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Re: DISAPPEARING DATA - 2nd month in a row!

Same problem, new wi-fi customer.. it just does not make sense at all.

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Re: DISAPPEARING DATA - 2nd month in a row!





Lesson 1 Telkom does not want to sell you data and then steal it back! It makes no business sense, and if you look at companies like

Afrihost, they buy data for millions of rand from Telkom a month, they don't need yours! HOWEVER, I, being a client and re-seller of Telkom,Afrihost and Vox Telecom, and have been for many years, none of them are data crooks.




Lets look at the culprits. (Otherwise known as the "Usual Suspects")


Do You Have WiFi?

If yes, read below, if no, go to wired connections:

1.A wireless Hacker, possible, if you in a city area, with tech companies around ( we can crack a WiFi password from a Dlink,Asus,Billion,Edimax to name a few in about 15mins) and no, don't ask how! But those cleva hacker beasties are few and far between in SA!

2. Do you have smart phones that attach to your WiFi network? Smartphones will suck data faster than the DOPW sucks money from the tax payer to fix Nkandla.

3.Tablets too..... Laptops too.....


Wired Connections

If yes read below, if no, go to What Now?:

1.Any PC connected to the internet linked with a cable is going to suck data as long as its on, why do I say that. Lets look at windows for example.

From Version XP windows calls Mommy as you boot up, its part of the Windows Anti Piracy features, MS office does the same thing,

Ever heard of Google, They send back info all the time to mommy, ADOBE? same thing, ever wonder why you get pop ups? It's those programs you loaded and then forgot about that are pulling data and like E.T. calling home.

Press Ctrl Alt Del keys to get to the Task Manager that list is what is in memory and most likely communicating to the outside world. Buying and installing a software firewall will tell you just how much your PC is calling Home. MalwareBytes (free Version) will amaze you as to the background noises of browsing the web. Most AntiVirus programs can be loaded that aggresively stop all outbound and inbound access to the net if you switch to manual settings ie:Authorise all Internet ports and connections first or the like.


What Now?:


Well I've done all that you say, WiFi is switched off, all the computers have disconnected from the router it just has a power cable and an ADSL phone cable plugged in and my account is draining rapidly


As Dr. House would say: "Somebody's lying."


Get a computer tech out, pay him and get him to work it out because.......

See Lesson 1!!!




Unca Paul




Apps, updates, seen and unseen, winsock connections,pings from existing software,usage bits,even antipiracy comms, all contribute to using up data and YES we have to say it....... PORN......... 92% of internet traffic, one report says of a survey done, is the result of Porn, the other 8 % are liars;-0 


Had a client was working in the UAE had a SAT link on his Farm, no wife, only 19 year old son. Complained to the Service provider, via us, 20GB data used up every month by the 5th-15th, he came home like twice a month from UAE, couldn't download emails, squat!! (20GB was R2000.00! See his point?) "My son is a Varsity only comes back on weekends, nobody else here, even switch it off. "Nou gaan onse Braai" he thought through a strongly worded letter!

"Can we have your permission to get you access logs from the provider in the UK" they asked?

"Yes en dan sal julle sien!!!" was his reply! They got the logs and... yes... you guessed it, lists of W.BIGGIRLS.COM,SLUTS'R'US.COM.$#$%$#ERS.COM came in lists and lists, dates, times, websites, time spent on said websites, all on the weekends son was home.........Eeeeissssh red faces all around, cause son said "No DAD not interested in the internet at all just come home to rest, ja right!!

As Dr. House says "Everybody Lies!"









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Re: DISAPPEARING DATA - 2nd month in a row!

Hi Unca Paul,


1. I do not read anywhere in RDT's post that he accuses Telkom of stealing the data.


2. How is it possible to loose 30% (12GB) of data in 45 minutes on a 2GB line?


3. RDT is making an effort to establish the reason for his data disappearing but Telkom is not responding.  The latter being the biggest gripe many a Telkom customer has with the company.  Enable your customers to help themselves, i.e. access to the logs on the customer portal or else be ready to assist in a timely manner.


Dr House also said: "We were both wrong, not equally wrong. You were at least six more wronger than me."

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Re: DISAPPEARING DATA - 2nd month in a row!



  1. Login to the South African Internet eXchange using your adsl username and password and select Support then click on Adsl User stats you will be able to view the usage in details.
  2. Login to the TI Usage Tracking Tool using your adsl username and password.
  3. Compare the results from the 2 sites and if you find a difference then keep requesting an explanation from abuse@telkomsa.net.


Hope that helps!


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Re: DISAPPEARING DATA - 2nd month in a row!

@UncaPaul does speak some truth though, and that is that our digital devises suck up a lot of data without us even realising. When last did you look at the size of app updates on Android or Apple iOS before blindly clicking "Update All"? Facebooke, Google etc... are all well over 100Mb and it feels like I am always updating 13 apps at a time (1Gb gone). Facebook videos autoplaying also chows data.

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Re: DISAPPEARING DATA - 2nd month in a row!

Thank you very much for your valuable information!  Once before I encountered that all my data just disappeared in the middle of the month and when I wrote an e-mail to ask information on the disappearance, I received a very strange letter about how my data was not illegally depleted - to me it felt as if "the lady doth protest too much".

Now I am in a situation again where adslfeedback from Telkom tells me that I have used all my data for the month in 14 days, which is totally impossible. My normal monthly usage is LESS than 50% of my available data!

Your information helped me to back-check my data usage since January 2017, and guess what  -  according to saix I have actually used less than 20% of my monthly data up to today!  i will also follow your advice and write to abuse@telkomsa.net.

What is further annoying is that I now have to work on redueced internet speed  as I am on softcap now -  and then a pop-up tells me that if I acknowledge that I have reached my montly limit, certain services will be restored to the normal speed.  That pop-up message sounds real fishy to me!!

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Re: DISAPPEARING DATA - 2nd month in a row!

Sorry, i should have included:


Thank you so much broempie for your valuable advice.....

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